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Self Hatred


It goes without saying, You were created in the Image of God. This is not common place. We don't see the Scripture talk about animals or plants compared to in this manner. We all can relate to having strong moments against ourselves. In our logical mind, we know that we only "hate" this aspect of our lives, and for most, we would acknowledge not always feeling this way. I want to ask you to take a moment to discern if these are really your feelings and emotions or really the devil. You see, the enemy can't help but say things about you all day long. His hatred for you is that deep. Whether he finds someone to come into agreement with him to spew toxic words against you, or maybe, he has convinced you that the thoughts in your head are really yours and not his. We must guard our hearts and minds. We must be diligent to challenge, rebuke, and cast anything from the enemy. The more we allow him to have room in our daily lives, the more he will attempt to take over. We must guard our gateways. What are you watching, who do you fellowship with, who do you listen to despite that what they say is against the word of God?

God did not make a mistake when He created you. He is not on His throne wishing to send you out of existence. His very nature is pure Love.  He is not surprised or shocked by the mistakes and sins that we have done. What He desires is for our deeper and deeper relationship with Him to grow. When we hold things against ourselves that He has forgiven, we are in a sense saying that we are higher than God and His pardons do not mean anything. 

Take some time today. Repent of anything that still needs to be covered by the Blood of the Cross. Forgive yourself!  Forgive Yourself!  Allow Jesus to heal you of the damaged caused by unrighteous behavior. Know that you are instantly free. And when the enemy tries to remind you of the past, use the Word of God against his lies. Self Hatred will set you into the belief that you are unworthy to be healed by God. It will counteract what you are hoping and believing God will do for you today. You will be double-minded believing the lies of the enemy while you attempt to believe God will heal you. Take yourself off of the fence of indecision. Walk today in God's Light about who He says that you are. You are clothed in His righteousness and seated already in Heavenly places. 

Emotions and Feelings change and shift. You are able to climb out of the pit from the enemy to receive all that God desires to do in your life. Do not waste a minute more. Accept His Love for You! 

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