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Possible Reasons For The Problem?

Years ago, I was helping someone with healing for their lungs. She had COPD and needed a lung transplant. God showed me that the problem began as a child and it had to do with her mother. As God was showing me this, He told me to look up what Lungs represented in Chinese Medicine. As I researched, I read charts connected to many body organs, including the lungs. I discovered lungs were attached to grief and loss. When I went over what God was showing me, she went into the story about how her mom would make her scrub the floor with strong cleaners on her hands and knees. She had many emotions about it all and grief was a strong one, as well as, anger against her mother. As I walked her through the steps God was telling me to, within 10 minutes her lungs were completely healed.  She could take a deep breath without difficulty for the first time in decades. 

One thing I want to stress here is that although in this case, we see a physical illness and direct cause, it is the Emotional Wounds and Negative Feelings and Beliefs that keep our body unable to heal, and gives the enemy the power over that situation.  I have worked with many people where God told me the root and they said me, “no I am are over that issue.” Can I tell you, no you are not. If God says it, we need to go back for another look. There are aspects that maybe you didn’t consider or did not think were important parts of it.  God is not about to waste our time going where we will not need to go. 

If you get a cavity, you can change all of your oral hygiene, but it will do nothing for the cavity. We need to deal with the damage too. The damage happened in the moment, and although you have moved on from that time in your life, the wound is still there. Many have done the forgiveness and repentance, but not addressed the wound through the Power of the Resurrection.  We have only treated half of the problem and not healed the wound. Jesus is always healing us of wounds, but understand that sometimes, He requires us to do something to become free and whole. 

I encourage you to research the organs that are not healthy or what organs could be part of your symptoms. Understand their full function; what nutrition affects their performance; and the negative emotions that impact their health. Understand that the past wounds and emotions maybe the Root to full healing coming forth. As you spend time with God, He will bring back old memories that are attached to your healing needs. Pay attention to what your mind starts to think about over the coming days and weeks. You may not see the link to what happened in the past to what your current health problems are. Just trust God where He leads you. In time, you may gain the revelation and understanding to it all. 

This is mostly a comprehensive list, and it should help you examine further the link between areas that come up during the Healing Prayer and what you are suffering from. 


Organs of Digestion: 
Esophagus- Sadness, Grief, Anxiety
Stomach-Worry, Anxiety, Mistrust
Liver-Anger, Frustration, Jealousy, Envy 
Gallbladder-Anger, Frustration, Jealousy, Envy
Pancreas- Worry, Anxiety, Mistrust, Pensiveness, Obsessiveness, Remorse, Regret, Obsessions, and Self-doubt
Appendix-Stifled Anger and Upsetness 
Small Intestine-Stress, Hate, Cruelty, Impatience 
Large Intestine; Rectum; Anus- Sadness, Depression; Grief

Organs of Respiration: 
Lungs & Bronchi-Sadness, Grief
Nose & Sinus-Affected by Condition of the Lungs Directly; Unresolved Anger, Offense

Organs of Excretion: 
Urinary Bladder & Urethra-Fear

Organs of the Endocrine System: 
Pituitary Gland-Sense of Self and Worth
Adrenal- Fear
Thyroid- Anxiety, Anger, Bitterness

Organs of Circulation:
Heart-Stress, Anger, Hate, Impatience, Cruelty
Blood Vessels-Anger, Stress, Anxiety
Spleen-Over thinking, Worry, Anxiety, Mistrust, Pensiveness, Obsessiveness, Remorse, Regret, Obsessions, and Self-doubt

Organs of Reproduction: 
Uterus & Ovaries & Mammary Glands-Bitterness; Unresolved anger; Unmet need to nurture and be nurtured. 
Testes & penis -Bitterness; Unresolved anger; Blame towards others

Organs of the Nervous System: 
Brain and Spinal Cord-Guilt; Shame; Belief that you are the cause of something bad; Unresolved trauma; Unforgiveness of self; Lack of support from others; Bitterness

** I want to make a disclaimer here. Although God showed me the connection of truth in Chinese Medicine between soul wounds and our physical health, I do not advocate Eastern methods of healing such that is common in Asian cultures as "alternative" treatments. If you study these methods, you will come to understand how they appear as light that can help, but in truth these methods allow the enemy to gain more access into our soul. They are merely gateways that appear as truth towards your complete healing. Please be cautious and take everything before the Lord. I am not referring to natural herbs etc, but rather acupuncture, reiki, yoga etc.  Just a thought to consider, God is never trying to balance your Yin and Yang. Real Light drives out the Dark not co-habitats with it. 

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