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November 12, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “There is Grace before you. Trust that you will arrive on time where I desire you to be. Even if you wander off for a bit, I know how to realign you. When you see your life as being filled with bad events, you will stop looking for what is blessing you this hour. Release all your hopes and dreams over to Me. I will give you a reset button which will load an even better plan for your life. Do not think you are settling for a lesser plan than My original story for your life.

Trust in Me. Believe I will come through on your behalf. Do not count the days on the calendar. I do not work on man’s limited clock. Instead I work out everything around you for your good. And when things are full ready, then you will see all that I have stored up for you. Let Me create a wonderment and amazement into My Goodness towards you. You will forever be changed by one touch of My Favor.”


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