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January 10, 2018

The Father says, Heroes and Villains are in every story. History and one’s own perspective shapes their beliefs as to which side they are actually on. But the truth does not change regardless. Be a people that does not get swept away with what you would like to see in the mirror of life, when you know you have done little to become that person. I am coming to you in a new way this day.

For you see, to fully embrace and take on the Heart and Mind of Christ, we need to do away with immature desires of self-importance and opinion. For as you decrease, I will surely increase in and through you. Would you rather live in the truth always or your own world viewpoint and bubble? It is time to wrap yourself in the garments that Christ died to give you, and remove the filthy rags that you place back upon yourself from time to time.

For how you live today should also be your desire for tomorrow and the next. Many of My people are looking at the same old snare and willingly tripping into what they could easily walk around. You are a New Creation. Old Things are Passed Away. Put on this mindset daily, and have an ‘on purpose’ determination that does not need excuse or repentance from this day forward. Give yourself completely surrendered to Me. For when you do, I will shift your desires to be My desires. The old will no longer entice you, and you will be fulfilled with the New.

You are much more than what you see or think or believe every time you look in the mirror. I have no limits set upon you. Decide to not place any on yourself. It doesn’t matter if you need a Red Sea parting to move in the right direction. Hold on to the knowing in your spirit that if I Am for you, than nothing can stop you! For the more you desire to become like Christ, the more you will see that far beyond the mirror.


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