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April 14, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Write it Down! Many forget the miracles in their midst because they are short sighted, only looking at the current problems and not what I have resolved for them. Take a survey of what has been eliminated, and you will see even clearer all that I am doing in your NOW. When your prayers are more grumbling and complaining, you will walk in the wrong mentality. Allow My Power to increase around you instead of quenching it. The next mountain is rarely any bigger in reality. Come up Higher! You will see the territory through the noise and chaos. I am fighting your battles and you WILL hold the victory. If I cannot lose then you will walk through the valley better off than before. Mourning is only for a time and not a way of life. Choose to get up and press on! I have given you Faith so stand up and press on! What you will not use from My Kingdom will wither in your life. You must push the illegitimate voices out of your heart and mind. They have no real authority over you.”

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