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December 12, 2019

The Lord says, “What are you waiting for? Even though there are larger doors you are waiting on for Me to open, there are still plenty more doors ready for you to go through. I have not given you a day without a hope and promise. So many tools are in your hands. You have My creativity within you to accomplish much more than you have ever tried to utilize. Go for it! If it is in your spirit to take up that new adventure, I will give you My peace to take that leap of faith for I am behind you.

Use what is in your hands. Many think one dimensional

or go about life the same way the majority will do. You are My Child. You are not limited with human thinking or reasoning. You can tap into the My perspective anytime you desire. In fact, I desire for you to choose this in everything. I will give you the winning strategy of ideas to shift and change any problem that you have. If all you see are walls around you, I see nothing but clear skies. Reach Higher for the road narrows, but this is the Road designed just for you!”

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