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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 6, 2019

The Lord says, “Let your heart sing once more. Let walls crumble around your heart for you are healed in an instant. No longer will you have fear or withdraw from being a part of another’s life. There are so many aspects that I desire to fill you up with and much will come through the fellowship with others that are straight from My Hand. Release the guarded expectations for I have even more people to fill your days with. I created you to walk life with each other. Allow Me to show you My heart for you.

Find even in this hour, long and deep wounds from family members are feeling My Healing Balm and shackles are breaking off. Give Me all of those grievances. I will make every crooked,rocky path straight and smooth. I will right the wrongs across your generational line. Just believe and you will receive wholeness on a higher level than you ever felt could be possible. I placed these people in your life for good and not for evil. I will return beauty from those ashes and place you back into My full will for your life. What an exciting time to be My Beloved!”

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