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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 30, 2019

The Lord says, “What has gone wrong is about to go completely right. You have had many barriers come up out of nowhere. From the little to the big has tried to turn you against Me, but you have held onto My Hand. I will see you out of this friction with a shaking far and wide. What is trying to rub you raw is becoming transformed into what allows you to withstand the hurricane winds, just as a mighty oak tree.

Just as sand may turn into glass, your forward steps will be smooth and flowing in My Spirit. Do not let the world set you into worry. Nothing is beyond My Voice and Hand. The world will say you have nothing to live for further than what your own hands can do for you. I am about to show up and show out for you. I Am the God of the impossible. Is there anything too hard for Me? You are not subject to illegitimate voices and beliefs. I stand with those who are Mine.”


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