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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 10, 2019

The Father says, Trust Me. My ways are not your ways or your brother’s or sister’s. What seems illogical to man is not so to Me. I see the beginning from the end. Would I not know the best way for you to go? What good would it do you if I sent My Son to die for you and then seek to deny you through a path less than My very best? Do you not know that I would spare no expense for you yesterday, today, and tomorrow? Remove the negative glasses that only sees life as something to endure and get through until you pass on to the next. I have promised you a life full of abundance and joy. I have not changed My Mind about you regardless of what reasons you can come up with to say that I have.

I will not relent. I created you to be with Me always and to walk with Me in the cool of the day. Nothing has changed in My desire for a deep intimate relationship with you. Decide to not let your own thoughts about yourself become your stumbling block from having an extraordinary relationship with Me. You are covered in the Blood of Christ. I am not looking at your mistakes or flaws. I see your perfect beauty. I see your potential through Me. Do I pick those who already have it all put together or do I choose to make you into the very best? Lay down your thoughts of future failures. In My economy, even your failures will be turned around to be your greatest accomplishments. My Favor would do nothing less.

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