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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 26, 2019

The Father says, I am doing a New thing and Work inside of you. Who you were yesterday is shifting and changing by My Hand and My Voice. The more you struggle against Me, the longer this process will take. Acceleration, in all that concerns you, has already began some time ago. Do you still feel the ripple affect in and through you? Those ripples are about to grow in intensity to carry you out farther than you could go on your own strength and power. I have made no mistake in who I designed you to be.

If I can make a mere Shepard boy into a mighty ruler, I certainly can use you for just as great exploits. In due season, you will see how each step and even misstep led you to where I will have you end. All is used and nothing is wasted. My Word will not return void for you either. Let Me show you the vastness of My Goodness over your life. All that concerns you, I will certainly provide and answer in your favor. Be Still and Know that I Am God. Revelation will be heavy in this season. You will see the unseen and know the unknown.

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