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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 24, 2019

The Father says, Do not stay stuck in the old. Come into the NEW that is so beyond comprehension. You will not believe your own eyes what this hour has in store for My Faithful. What you look to behold is what you will see. Those stuck looking at the evil, will not capture what I am doing all over mankind. It is the difference between staring at an empty wall or walking in My Glorious Meadow of abundance. Bring your focus back fully to Me. What is less than My Desire will leave you feeling empty many times over.

When a ship rocks in the storm producing waves, looking to the horizon will keep you grounded and steady. Look to My Son. Isn’t He Beautiful! Anchor your day in My Promises, and problems will diminish in comparison. Do I not control the seas too? Do not let your heart be troubled. Even some parades will have floats that you don’t prefer. Soon enough the scenery will change. Your best days are surely before you. I am taking you from Glory to Glory! I will not relent until My Favor crashes over you.

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