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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 12, 2019

The Father says, Man reads the word but neglects to ask the Author for the translation, meaning, and application for life. You are no better off than before you read My Precious Word. Find yourself studied and approved before Me. A man who is a fool rarely sees himself in that light. I am bringing My People higher to walk in the fullness that I designed and mandated. It is time to put aside childish ways and immaturity. You can rise up to much more from My table than you have ever considered. You carry aspects ripe for atmosphere change. Stop thinking the world is only supposed to get worse.

You are not less than the great men and women who came before you. Realize that all that they were, you can go beyond. There are no limits, but the ones you believe are there. Remove the blinders that you so willingly put on. Come Closer. I desire an intimate relationship with you. You will get out what you strive for. I will not turn you away or turn off the faucet. I am expanding the knowledge and understanding of mankind. Do not be left without your portion. My Kingdom is yours in every facet.

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