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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 10, 2019

The Father says, You are not three dimensional people. Reach out and up for My Rains are here. There are unending levels of dimensions to experience. Run to what I am doing all over the world. Stop chasing the negative reports, and understand I know the Beginning from the End! I have not forgotten you. I see exactly where you are today, and where I desire to take you tomorrow. Do you want to move from where you are or stay? So many have locked in their feet to such a limited existence screaming, I will not leave here. You can choose to continue on this way, but know that you will have thrown to the ground all that I desire to give you.

Along this new journey, I am bringing in fresh new Kingdom minded people to guide and help you. For this next section will throw you a few curves, but do not be alarmed. All is necessary to prepare you for what lies ahead. When you feel like you have a blindfold on, I am just allowing you to grow in a higher understanding of faith and trust. I will protect you in all things. My angels will see you on to the next adventure, celebrating all that you have experienced for My Namesake. Let the Fire and Excitement build for soon it will overflow into all that you do.

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