• MaryEllen McCloud

August 2, 2019

The Father says, You have been cleared for departure. The final touches are just about together. I have spared no expense for your journey. You are on the finest vessels in My fleet. She will weather any storm you encounter. Trust in Me no matter what your natural eyes behold. The enemy will roar and stomp, but he is a defeated foe. Remember all that you have been through, and know that you will overcome all that is before you, as well. You are more ready and prepared than you realize. Nothing has been forgotten about.

When the boat rocks and hits swells, I will take over the steering, so you may rest. Is there anything too hard for Me? If I have called you to it, I will surely see you through it. I have longed for you to reach this moment. All of Heaven is excited for that which is before your feet. My Winds will blow you, and My arms will comfort you. I will never leave you alone. This brand new book has your name on it. We will write these pages together! So let your Joy Rise Up. Life as you have experienced it, will never be the same.