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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 26, 2019

The Father says, A new wave of anointed business entrepreneurs are being prepared and sent out. The land will be blessed by what they will bring to the world in all areas and sectors. I have search My People for those with a desire to walk on paths that are yet to be blazed. Fear will tell you ‘no’, but I am telling you that I will go out before you and clear the way. You will have the strategy, and you will have the wisdom. Be one who is well-versed in where you are going.

The only limitation is the illusion of obstacles in front of you. In reality, nothing is blocking your success. I don’t consider past failures an indicator of future failure, do you? Are you in My Will or are you not? I have spoken this favor over you already. Now what do you say? Hold out your hands, for I will place exceedingly more than you could ever hope or ask for before you. I did not make a mistake in choosing you. You can go as far as you desire. I know what I have placed on the inside of your spirit. RUN with it!

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