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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 23, 2019

The Father says, Even in moments where you are delayed beyond understanding, do not think I have denied you. Keep pressing on while listening to My Voice. Ignore the voices that will tell you otherwise. Even well meaning people can derail you, if you allow it. Take a deep breath and release all that you have been holding onto that is ill-serving. Ask Me and I will replay the last instructions that I gave to you. Follow closely and you will complete what is needed in order for the new doors to open up fully.

My fire burns bright inside of you. Do not be afraid to let the fire out for the world to benefit from. I will be with you in all things. Since the beginning, I have been with you, and I will take you from Glory to Glory. Uphold your righteousness and continue to walk in Love, Truth, and Light. This has been a trying season but one that was necessary to stretch and grow new things within you. You have a higher resolve than in previous seasons. No longer swayed by the blows of the enemy. You are coming out pure and refined. I will make beauty from what looked like a disappointment.

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