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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 22, 2019

The Father says, You are not a product of your natural parents pros and cons, unless you choose to think of yourself that way. You are born of Heaven as a spirit, and you walk in My light and not darkness. See the world for what it really is; Temporary and only a small aspect of your overall existence and experiences. If you do not want to take after your parents, then don’t. Decide to take after My Son, who you are One with. You are far more in control of your own will than you take possession of. Be on purpose in your choices and decisions. Do not allow the waves to take you out to sea.

You are an agent of change not carved out of stone. Small habits add up to big movements. Adjust those habits and you will have a new outcome. Choose to respond and not merely react to your surroundings. You are the overcomer and not the one to be swallowed up by circumstances. No one avoids a life of trials and tribulations, but you decide how that defines you. I say you are a victorious warrior worthy of all My Kingdom has to offer. Step out with new boldness. You are unstoppable!

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