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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 16, 2019

The Father says, Have I called you to a life of shame and condemnation? So why are you walking around letting man fill your head with guilt and endless explanations? The blind will not see the truth. You will only be forced to wrestle with flesh over and over. Pray for them and move on. Stay centered on My Truth. I have not defined who you are based in the ways of human failures. I define you based on what I can and will do through you as a yielded vessel. Rise Up!

Notice when I am shifting your beliefs, for a religious mindset will work against My Purposes daily. The world will demand you conform to their evolving beliefs as well, but this is contrary to My Word. You may have to even give up some of your favorite pastimes in order to preserve your own soul. Do not reject what I am speaking to you in this hour. You were never called to be of this world. It is usually what you see as the most insignificant that has the most impact. Do not dismiss the torpedoes coming at your boat.

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