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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 13, 2019

The Father says, When you feel a rope attached to your leg, come to Me first. Wrestling on your own will only tighten the grip and burn your leg. Never once have I left you alone to fend for yourself. Even when you walk off on your own, I still follow. Did you forget that I live inside of you? If I created you, would I not care the most about what happens to you? Forget the scale that man judges you by. I am not looking for unrealistic expectations. I will carry you even when you are unable to walk.

Forget about those who speak hatred and malice, even from familiar faces. You can’t help everyone see the light. Don’t let anyone rob your joy and happiness. Today is Bright and Tomorrow is even Brighter. What you believe is what you will see. The Sun is still shining even in the storm. Nothing stops the Sun from Shining! Remember to be the Salt and the Light for the world benefits as you walk as you were created to be. I will make those crooked paths straight in time. Trust that I have even your greatest battle within My Control. I will not fail you.

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