• MaryEllen McCloud

June 28, 2019

The Father says, My heart breaks when your heart breaks. I smile when you smile. I long to be with you each and every day. Open yourself up fully to receive My Spirit. Let us commune together. I will show you the vastness of all things. I Am not a far off God like many would choose to believe. I Am the God who will stand in the middle of your storm and quiet the winds with just a whisper. So many of My people say they believe but unbelief rules their daily life and choices. What you demonstrate is what you truly let dwell in your heart and mind.

There will always be people who doubt I Am the God over your existence. They will try to shake you to give up. They will tell you that I am not really coming through. You must be a people who will wait no matter how many days, until I tell you to move. It is by My Hands that your blessings will come, and nothing you do will make it happen faster than My designed time. I know what I am doing, so trust the journey even when the fog rolls in. If I have been the God over all since the very foundations of all things, why would I be any less over your needs this very day? Are you not the One I Died for?”