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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 13, 2019

The Father says, I am releasing a financial anointing in this hour. I desire My People to be successful in all things. I am providing new business ideas and cutting edge ways to walk in financial independence. Decide this day that you will co-create with Me and walk in new territories never yet explored. Push aside the doubts and naysayers that will try to rob the gift that I am conceiving in your spirit. If I put you in something, I will certainly provide the way and means for all to come to fruition.

I say this day, that many dead dreams among My People will come back to life and breathe yet again. Even if you tried and failed, get up and stand tall. For I, the Lord Your God, Am with you always. Timing is a vital the key to great things being born. It is your time for many things to begin again. Who do you think placed those ideas in your mind and heart in the first place? A people with passion and vision will always avoid a path of lack. So write the new updated vision for today the land is fertile, and you have grown much to now handle the opportunities that are presented with precision and wisdom.

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