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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 26, 2019

The Father says, Man will demand that you please him, but when you do, no one will actually be satisfied. For what man is content with today will only become an area that has fault to be found in the next day. Do not let others rattle or shake what you know to be My truth. Many will come seeking an argument and for you to submit to them, but I Am your Lord who is the keeper of your days. Follow My leading for I will always have your back even from the most ruthless opponent. I Am your scorekeeper, and I will deal with any threat that comes your way.

Wash off anything that desires to taint your walk. I have you in the Palm of My Hands. Screaming at the darkness is a futile endeavor for man lives in opinions and may not yield to anything that differs, even when it is My Truth. There are times to sway in the breeze with flexibility, and there are times to stick your ground. Many will judge you for either way that your steps make in the day. The winds of the crowd will change moment to moment. Do not bother trying to keep track. Hold your head up high for you are My Beloved whom I Am well pleased in. You hold Me first in your life, and you will not lose your way.

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