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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 23, 2019

The Father says, Many are going through familiar testing right now. You have seen these same elements pass by your way long ago, and now you see the same trick of the enemy before you today. Yes, this is only a test. Will you handle these moments differently now that you know the right course of action? Will you be tempted to complain or proclaim that nothing changes in your life? You are passing through, so do not get stuck in old thinking. What is at your door will not be coming this way again. Claim the victory over your enemy. Do not shrink back or decide to play this one out. Your success will open long awaited doors of opportunity where once you were robbed. Now you will reap the favor and rewards of a job well done.

Yes, there are still people on the sidelines looking for you to fall. Do not glance their way. Soon their own hearts will lead to their destruction. For what is sown in evil will bring a harvest of the same making. You are coming out of the darker days so do not choose to settle. Forgive and Release! When you do not know how, I will show you step by step. I will not ask you do conduct business as usual. Walking in the extraordinary requires above status quo thinking and responding. You have come a long way even since six months ago. You have done well. What is before you will be easy for you to defeat as long as you remember that this is only a test!

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