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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 22, 2019

The Father says, How you respond shapes the path before you. Evaluate the way you navigate daily affairs and what needs to be brought into healing. I will adjust your moments, so be authentic in your reality concerning your own dealings. I will strip you of what you have grown comfortable in, but really is destroying you of divine purpose. When you are too close to a lie, it will look no different than truth to you, but not to others. You may ignore their warnings, but at a certain point, I will not allow you to press on from this place.

I desire to not leave you where I found you, but be transformed from Glory to Glory. It does you no good to remain the same from one day to the next. The stagnant way of being becomes toxic to your soul. You will start moving backwards and yet think you are right on track. I am removing the blinders that you have chosen to wear at times. I am burning up the chaff that blocks your growth. Let go and Let Me do in your life. Trust the process and release the old man so that the new man can shine bright. You were made in the fire, and you possess what the world is looking for. You were not meant to be hidden, but to be seen!

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