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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 20, 2019

The Father says, Do not cast your pearls before swine. You are working as My Vessel. Know when to pick up your things and move on to those who will welcome, while making room for what I have inside of you. Do not keep rushing after those who spat upon the blessing that you are. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see are the Gold that you are seeking. Do not give it a moments thought to those who reject your anointings. You may feel the leaving is abrupt, but that is what I desire you to do. Wasting time with time wasters is a futile endeavor. Understand that they first rejected My Spirit coming to open their hearts and minds. It is by My Spirit first that anyone will receive you.

Just as Noah was looking for anyone who would hear My Voice, you are also seeking through the various voices for who will come unto My Kingdom. Focus on those that desire to be saved instead of trying to convince those that are unwilling in this moment. You may not be the one to help them journey, but you will be the one that another is willing to allow in. There are plenty more good seeds to follow after. Hesitating over what seemed like a defeat will keep you bound in distractions. Rise up and keep walking. As you do, I will show you who I have placed My Finger upon. The Great Harvest is for this Generation. Gloom and doom is not from My Voice. The Tide has shifted!

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