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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 11, 2019

The Father says, The watchmen’s hour is upon you. Be diligent. You are at the moment of Breakthrough, but be on the lookout for a surprise attack from the enemy. My Spirit is speaking to you about open gateways that the enemy will use to take you off center. Regroup in this hour for I will give you the strategy. Even in the pushback, you will not be defeated. Pick yourself up. I will heal your battle wounds quickly. Resist the desire to sit this one out. If you do, you will see this breakthrough pass you by. Stand with Confidence that this time will be yours to command.

I have set your feet upon High Places. Rebuke the enemy, and his authority will fall into your hands. Stay on guard in what you allow to enter into your day. When your spirit is unsettled about something, ask Me what you should do. Many charge in despite feeling they should avoid the situation. There are traps ready to spring, but I will protect you from all that would harm you. Lessons learned in the last few season will serve you well in this time. Do not forget what you have come through for these are the keys to overcoming in this hour, as well. You are My Precious Beloved. I am setting a new course for you!

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