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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 10, 2019

The Father says, I have placed you upon the Rock of Firm Foundations. All things will pass away, but you are safe in My Harbors. I am highlighting you to new faces who will recognize the gold within you by My hand. They will want to lift you up higher even if it means you go higher than where they currently are. They are My Cheerleaders over your days for these new seasons. Your current restlessness is being replaced with your hands upon the new plow. I have given you a brand new field to plant seeds for a harvest in full abundance. The days of lack are over, and the land is ripe for the New Movement I have spoken over the land.

You are moving out of the days of oppression. Years of bondage are breaking off in an instant. Your eyes will see clearer than any other time before now. I am removing years of shame and brokenness. In an instant, you will see barriers removed that you were unable to shift on your own. Take up your sword for you are charging out of the trenches into territory that holds the long-standing Promises. Milk and Honey flows freely. Do not worry about gathering up what hits the ground. It is not wasted or lost, but will find you again when you feel lack again. Reach deep for I have new Rivers flowing. You may have felt you missed out in the past, but this time, you will hit the target!


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