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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 4, 2019

The Father says, Many only see fighting their battles in the natural. In this season, you are to become skilled at spiritual warfare. You can accomplish far more in higher realms than you will ever make on the ground. Open up your mind and spirit to New aspects of your inheritance available right where you are. You are not a pauper. I own it all so therefore, you are able to gain access to what I permit. Religion will tell you that everything is sealed off from you as it was only for a select group of people long ago. Have I started to change who I Am? Do you deserve less of My Spirit because you were born at this time in history? You have no veil before you. Opening your spiritual eyes and placing down your opinions is what will open Heaven for you.

Do not curse yourself though wickedness running through your hands. Stand uprightly for you are on Holy Ground before Me. If you want to walk in Kingdom Glory, you will have to come up higher in all of your ways and dealings. You are a Saint with Royalty streaming all over your atmosphere. Rise up to see yourself through My Eyes for you have been made out of excellence. I do not make junk. Be wise in this hour and turn away from immature ways. I will fill your hands into overflow from My Glory. Drink deep from My Wells. You are prepared for the next part of your journey.


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