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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 27, 2019

The Father says, Staring out the window lately? Many are looking on as others seem to be busy in the Kingdom while they feel left behind. Understand that if I have slowed you down or pulled you out for a time that the purpose is so that I can deal with needs around you. I will heal you. I will increase your anointings. I will shift you from defense into offense. And when all things are ready again, I will send you back in fully recharged. Many ignore the signs I have given them to rest for a season. They continue on until they are worn down and ineffective in most areas of their life. When you have lost the purpose and focus it is your moment to sit before Me to reevaluate what I have for you at present. Many are going about life with a blindfold on expecting to hit the target with their arrow.

My strategy may move you forward, backwards, or sideways at times. I see the illegal move made by the enemy, but know this, you will out smart him when you follow My lead. I will take you from Glory to Glory. Each one of My People has a purpose towards My Plans over the Earth. Many have abandoned their post to pursue worldly desires and come against My Will. Your time on Earth is short, for the days of man are limited. Look past the natural and see the Beauty that I have created in and around you. Take up your mantle. You will never regret yielding your life fully to Me. I am sending you a sign shortly. It will be an answer to what you are seeking from Me.

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