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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 20, 2019

The Father says, You are coming into a time where things will just flow for you. The days of expecting something to go wrong, during times of good, will end. You are entering eight years of plenty for the dry season has been met with My Rains. Your storehouses will be filled with Grain once more, and your calf will be fattened. Blessings come from My hand for I own it all. Know that I AM your source as you stand before My Throne. Does the enemy of your soul wish you well in this life? I will even send your greatest enemy to give unprecedented favor, if you will just believe and accept that I will bring My Goodness through all directions. All means All.

Welcome to your New Day and Beautiful Abundance of New Beginnings. What you held in your hand, refusing to release like fine sand, has met your Faith to establish a way where there was no way. Where you see a wall, I see a door. Do not be dismayed by what is in the natural. The supernatural is where your spirit flourishes and where Heaven will meet your needs this very day! Take off the clothes of mourning for what was lost will return in greater measure. What was, is fading into the background even now.

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