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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 18, 2019

The Father says, When you expect little, you may only receive little. Too many say they believe in the big things from My Kingdom, but at the end of the day they will walk away before the manifestation happens. The Red Sea did not part as Moses was on his way to its banks. The water did not even part as the people made camp near the banks. Do you not see? My Voice declared totally Victory for all and not just to merely escape captivity. Obedience opened up the miraculous beyond human comprehension. I have set your feet upon a path for total victory. Keep walking, even when you do not understand the strategy, and you will eventually have all placed in your hands by My Command.

Getting by and living in fullness are two different mindsets. Decide which one you truly believe in, for I have created you for MORE. Be My Disciple in all areas and not just the ones you feel comfortable in. Faith in what I can and will do is your key. If I have demonstrated great signs and wonders in the past, why would I stop before I reached your door? You are just as precious and worthy. Lay your life before Me and just watch what I will do. I see you greater than you will ever see yourself. Grab a hold of the truth before you. Humble beginnings are a wonderful recipe for amazing adventure in My purposes. You don’t have to know it all or obtain the right personality traits. Just Be My Child; watch what I do; and do what I do. Life in My Hands is not as complicated as one might think.


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