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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 15, 2019

The Father says, You are going to win battles that you normally would have lost! I have turned the tables and find that going forward things will move in your favor. Even when others attempt to out maneuver you, they will be stopped in their tracks. The weapons used against you, will return to the sender like a boomerang. Many have thought they were smarter, more talented, and higher in My ways. But in this season, I am going to show you off as My Chosen with Brilliance. I will raise up whom I choose. You have dealt with this situation long enough. I am calling an end to the influence of those with wrong intentions towards you. Who persecutes you does so before the Lion of Judah! I will protect those who are Mine. I will take it from here. Just keep doing what I have called you to do and be. As you keep walking, I will show you parts that were hidden, for your understanding as to why you these moments manifested. Raise up the Sails for My Winds are coming with Power. Steps that were unsteady will be surefooted. Uncertainty will find a full map and directions in your Hands. You have done well, My beloved. Graduation is Here!

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