• MaryEllen McCloud

April 2, 2019

The Father says, Wake up to a New Day. You are responsible for the atmosphere that you decide to create. Are you working in negativity or in the knowledge that you have a Heavenly Father working all things out for your good? I have not left you to fend for yourself unless you asked Me to do so. Do you trust Me? You are merely being stretched in this hour, for you are out growing your current place. It is in this moment that you will long for a change in scenery to embrace the New that I have spoken over you. Times are Changing and what collides in the Natural is breaking way into a Beautiful Movement by My Spirit. You are Coming Out!

Transitions appear to be days of wasted limbo. Know that what has been released in the Spirit Realm is manifesting into the Natural. You do not want to rush this process. Allow the fullness to ripen and come forth. Many decide to get ahead of My Plans to do it on their own. You will only find heartache when you become the maker of your own days. Rest, so I can prepare the New Doors with finishing touches. I see what you do not have the vantage point to see. Soon you will have all of the pieces and what you are going through will make sense. I have you in the Palm of My Hands!