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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 24, 2019

The Father says, Let no one rob you of the gifts, talents, and potential that I placed inside of you. Many will come out of jealousy. Others will come speaking from a religious mindset to say you are not qualified. I will take you down the path of ‘NO WAY’ all the while you are skipping for joy. I Am the author of your days. Decide that no other voice has more power or authority. Your path in Me does not have to make sense to anyone including you, but know that I will take a yielded vessel High above the chaos and noise to dwell with Me. Desire the intimacy for it is through our relationship that you will become what you are destined to do and be.

I am sending you people to walk this road with you. Be open to the new even when you fear the past hurts will become familiar again. My touch will heal you even of wounds you felt too deep to ever fully disappear. You are not called to walk in the tombs of yesterday. Come out of there. Release to Me what still captures your thoughts. It does not serve you any longer. To be free, you must embrace the mindset of one who is set free everyday by My final say on that matter. It is time to move on and cleansed of the old for good.


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