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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 18, 2019

The Father says, This is your Moment! Stop staring at the issues still waiting for My Hand to resolve. I have everything taken care of. Do your part and then rest in My Capable Arms. There is a balance between what is Mine to carry out and what is yours. When you seem at your limits then take joy upon your heart. I will not ask you to do My job over your life. What you believe is what you will receive. You create your own atmosphere over your life and attract what is drawn to that atmosphere. Be mindful of what you are drinking in daily. Be stewards of the Kingdom Mindset and Righteousness so that you will not hinder your steps. What you expose yourself to is what you will slowly become into the image of. Be of the world and you will smell of the worldly influence. Be of My ways, and you will behold Mysteries and Secrets from My Throne.

Do not fear walking away from what has become toxic in your life. Many will deny a negative influence because they would rather go with the flow of those refusing My Son. You can stand with the world or stand out as different from the world’s way of operating. The enemy hopes you will choose the world, thinking it cannot do you any harm. Know your own limits for not everything will benefit you even when it does not cause another to stumble. What would corrupt you so easily as a child in Christ requires consideration as to the weak areas in your daily life that are in need of My Touch and Strength. Know when to eliminate false influences in your life. What does not shine My pure light has the potential to damage your soul. Be wise!

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