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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 16, 2019

The Father says, Watch the weather change before your eyes! What caught you off guard is being turned upside down. What seemed to surely be destruction will be the catalyst to the old blowing out and the New filling the void. You are on the right path even though it seems filled with obstacles and delays. People have counted you out, but know that I will show up and show out on your behalf shortly! Many are looking for the destruction of their enemies, but I say there is more power in them turning into loyal allies. More people for you, instead of against you, is how I plan to launch you in this season. Can you reconcile this blessing before you?

Stop struggling against the current and allow the flow to take you to places beyond your imagination. Limited thinking allows one to be complacent leading to settling for the lesser while denying the greater. My Hand only has the Best lined up for you. Decide that no matter which way the wind is coming from that I will make My divine purposes over your life flourish in any climate. I am not alarmed about what has come to your door in the past, nor do I wonder what I will do in your NOW. The news reports do not indicate the future. Has history not shown dark days breaking way to My Light? When you fully realize that I Am in control like a Master at Chess, Realize that I am the One who created everything out of My Imagination including the Rules of Engagement. You will hold the Victory!

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