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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 1, 2019

The Father says, I have not called you all to be the same nor have I gifted and anointed you all the same. My Church has rejected those that were different and for many this was just normal daily practice. The church has stunted its own growth and ability to walk in all that is available at this time and place. My people have clung to what felt right and comfortable without asking Me if this was My Will and Truth.

My Bride has missed out of the very people who were to bring heavenly blessings and favor. You have rejected My Truth and continued on with your traditions of men, stifling out My Voice over your lives. You say up is down and down is sideways, and somehow you have said this makes you correct. What you thought was right and godly is being tested in this hour. For I Am not a God of comfortable living. It is time to examine your own lives, for you are deceived more than your pride will let you admit.

Areas of darkness creep in through the smallest of lies, until the road winds and winds in the wrong direction. You think you are still on track because the road at times does point True North, but in reality, you are wandering further away from what I have taught you. When I send a messenger of reason, your ears hear foreign teaching and gather your stones with vile speech. But know this and hear this, I am exalting the very people you wanted to stone as being false liars in My Kingdom. I Am the One who advances someone’s position into a higher promotion. No man will deny what I set out to do.

My Forerunner vessels will always bring the New from My Voice and Will in all areas of My Kingdom. Just because it is new to you, does not mean it is not from Me. I am not a boring God, and I have said ‘Behold I do a New Thing!’ I will challenge and correct your thinking and beliefs. I will continue to reveal mysteries in My Living Word. If I have no Beginning nor End, do you think I will have a Beginning or End to what I will teach, tell, or show you? It is time to know what true discernment looks like.

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