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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 25, 2019

The Father says, Cry out to Me! A child goes to their parents about big and small problems. You are never too old in My sight to Cry out to Me! I will hear you and save every tear. What you face in this hour, I knew before you were born. Nothing escapes My knowledge or plans for what to do next. The arrows flying at you are a smoke screen to distract you off of the path and to lose hope in My reconciliation that is coming.

My answer has already left Heaven. My resources have already been sent to supply your need. There is no pouting or complaining from the sidelines that will stop what I have declared over your life. I see what you are up against. I am not an absent parent for this day or ever! See with your spiritual eyes what is on the way. Hold on and never let go to what I have promised.

There are no orphans in the Kingdom. No latchkey children either. I have spoken that I will bring back the child-like innocence and wonderment to My people. I will cause even those who are asleep to believe in Me again. The days of business as usual have ended. I am calling My Bride Higher. Your garment fits perfectly. Put it on!

It is time to come out of the shadows. No more thinking that I don’t have enormous plans for your life. My Supernatural Joy is about to hit My people so strongly that laughter will break out all over the land. You will know that you know that you know there is no amount of darkness that can hinder you any longer. My Word will not return void. My Hands are not empty so therefore your hands are FULL and OVERFLOWING!


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