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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 17, 2019

The Father says, The Whirlwind of My Fire is coming in a mighty way to work in your situations this season. What would not yield say, ‘It is finished!.’ The world may say you are finished, but I Am your Lord and Savior. Who are they that are coming against you? Dust they came from and dust they will return.

My Kingdom stands Forever! Upon My Rock, I will build My Church. All of Hell cannot prevail against her! I am shaking the world systems and crumbling all that is not of Me. Listen, you have been lied to for far too long. I am bringing a Great Correction and Reestablishing those anchored in Me, High upon the Hill.

Let the rain waters wash away what is not of My Kingdom. Righteous will Stand in My people once more. You are not wearing filthy rags. Take them off! I only have the finest for you. Do not let the world make you run and hide in a corner! I have given you the Keys and Authority to subdue the Land. Run and don’t walk! Take what is yours.

I will surely trip up the enemy on the way to your doorstep. Focus! Listen! Follow! You are overcomers, and you are Victorious Today, Tomorrow, and Forever! Even the least of you can destroy all of the darkness with just one flicker of My Light inside of you. Stand My Glorious Warriors! It is time to retake the Land. It is time to walk into the world that I have made way for you! The souls coming into the Kingdom are from near and far. The Battle Cry has begun! There is no going back!


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