• MaryEllen McCloud

February 14, 2019

The Father says, Break out! There is a breaking out that I am pushing through your spirit this day. I am calling you out of areas that you enjoy and also dislike. Areas of deep hardship are coming to a close. Assignments are coming to end, so new assignments can begin. The places you traveled against My voice, I am taking you out of. Remember to take the lessons learned with you, so that you do not get yourself in the same snare from the enemy next time.

I have commanded the hands that have bound and choked you, to release you. Just as I sent messengers to Paul warning him not to go to Jerusalem. I have sent you messengers telling you to steer clear of the path before you. I have not called you do act based out of your nobility for a cause. I desire to keep you safe and to not endure unnecessary difficulties in life. A fool sizes up the message by how they see the messenger. Did I not use a donkey to give a message as well?

If you lead yourself into a delay, I can work around these delays when you come back into full alignment with My purposes. When you hear something that is challenging your thoughts and plans, come to Me before you continue on with your journey. I will speak to your spirit with confirmations of what you are to do. Not every decisions needs to be made in a mere second. Take the time to weigh what I am telling you to do. You will save yourself the anguish, that you are blaming others for, instead of looking at your own actions.

I have just silenced the voice of opposition. I have dreams that you will walk out which are grander than any dream you could imagine on your own. Release the desire to become big before man. You must decrease so that I may increase in and through you. Your future is far far brighter than all of the days in your past combined. The multiplication of My Goodness and Favor are yours!