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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 13, 2019

The Father says, Many have felt a wandering in their spirit since birth. You have been let down over and over by the very people who were supposed to love and take care of you. Searching high and low for trusted people who would fill that void has only partially filled your longing. Tears have flowed like rivers as more disappointments enveloped the atmosphere. You have tried to connect to others only to feel turned away at every gate.

I am shifting and building a new foundation in your life. No longer will you find lack to be your experiences. I am healing long over due deep wounds and restoring broken relationships near and far. Erase what you expect to happen, and wait on Me to bring wholeness into your life this day. You have said this is impossible, but am I not the God of Impossibilities? My Winds of Love are hitting your life with precision and intent.

The child you once were cried out and those cries reached My Throne. All was recorded even as your days became many. You are not denied despite what the naysayers shout from the rooftops. I Am Love, so therefore your portion is always Love! Your today’s will be different. I will turn the hearts of parents back to their children and children back to their parents.

I Am your Father, and in this season, I will bring a revelatory understanding of what You really mean to Me. I will show you just how deeply I am looking out for your Best and not the worst. Many have misunderstood who I truly Am. In the stillness of your heart and mind will I unfold what has been right before your eyes all along. What you missed will no longer be missing. Come out of the shadows and into My Light. Awaken to My Glory this day!

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