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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 4, 2019

The Father says, Your praise and worship are incense that rises up into the Heavens. Start your day and end your night in deliberate love in our relationship. Many have thought that worship is for Me, but it is for you! I change not, but through your heart aligning with Mine, you are the one who changes to your very core.

The deeper you go in your heart’s expression, the fuller your supernatural experiences will become. Many have rejected such notions, and wonder why emptiness still dwells inside. Worship brings you into My very Presence. I will fill you up and overflow your wells. You will never walk away the same person as you came in as.

David knew how to reach great heights with miracles exploding over his life. Worship was a part of his constant being and vocabulary. You can achieve more Glory in one hour of worship than decades would bestow upon you through any other means. Man believes he is separated from Me. You are already seated in Heavenly Places. Look on with Spiritual Eyes for the natural cannot comprehend.

You have access to Heaven through the cultivation of our relationship. You are a spirit being created in My Image and Likeness. You are worth everything to Me! My Goodness will find you. Come into the Throne Room. You are not denied access. Today is your day to walk in the lifestyle that I created for you. Pursue the riches of My Glory!


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