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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 22, 2019

The Father says, There are blessings in doing what is right. There are blessings for things that you have done in secret. Do not worry about who knows the good you have done for My Namesake. I will bring the proper recognition to you in due season and timing. Be cheerful for your brother and sister who are receiving public acknowledgment right now. Stand with them through their ups and downs. I am keeping record, and you will not be overlooked.

Do not withhold good from others. I have set your feet in this region as an answer to those in need of what I have placed inside of you. When you feel in lack for yourself, call upon Me for I will surely answer. In this season, I plan to expand your mind and heart to see beyond the everyday hustle and bustle. I want to use you for things you have never even considered. There are new doors all around that you will discover one by one.

What I have placed deep within, you will be passionately drawn to these new opportunities. Joy and excitement will fill your spirit as new adventure becomes the norm. I have said that I will never waste your time or bore you. For in the secret moments, I have already replaced the ‘no purpose’ with heavenly purpose. I have already restored desires that you long ago thought would never become a reality in your life.

My Spirit is reminding you even now of dreams once abandoned. I restore life to even the driest of regions. My Favor has surely come upon you in this hour. Run with it and don’t stop. Erase all of the negative words once spoken to you. My Voice and Hand will push you into the Land of Progress, for you will be successful in where I place you.

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