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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 15, 2019

The Father says, I am opening your heart up more this day to Love as I Love. When the world is calling you to hate, I will surge Love in your heart and mind. Fear is a temporary emotion. Using fear to bring people into the Kingdom allows religious bondage to grasp their soul instead of My Peace. All who are now found were once lost. My plan for mankind has never been about exclusion.

For it is by My Spirit, that what is not of Me, will be revealed for a person to change. I have said that he who has no sin cast the first stone. Be My People with My Heart for the sinner. I know the path that each person needs to take to come to full redemption and cleansing. This is an ongoing process for all of My Sons and Daughters while they are on Earth.

When Saul came to his Damascus Road experience, he had already grown tired of the mission he was still believing in. He fully thought his assignment was vitally important and that he was doing good. I Am the One and only One who could have shifted his perspective. Release yourself from the duty of finger pointing and stand next to Me. Do as I would lead you to do each and every day.

I open dark eyes to see My Light every moment of time. You carry My Light that they can experience, but you have a choice to cover that light with darkness still in your own heart. Ask Me to remove the darkness and negativity that the world pushes at you daily. I Am still on the Throne! There is nothing the enemy will do that I will not turn around for the good. Do you Trust Me? For fear will keep you from releasing all to Me. Trust that I have your life in the Palm of My Hands! I Am not finished with your call and destiny yet here on Earth.


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