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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 12, 2019

The Father says, Many of you are looking at promises spoken and dreamed from decades ago that you never saw come to fruition. There is a bitterness in the air that needs to be cleansed this day. Bring your disappointments and failures to Me this day. I am restoring proper perspective on those moments to My People. You have held onto the blame game for far too long causing you to become even more unproductive in other endeavors.

The chains and ropes are broken this day. You are no longer bound by what has ensnared you. Refuse to rehash the past or recite your right and wrong actions for one more minute. I have erased, restored, and relinquished all that concerned you. My Mighty Winds are blowing across the lands and establishing a new revival in your heart and mind.

Come to Me with your new dreams. I am downloading even in this hour fresh new purpose to what I have called into your NOW moment. You have grown much in this time. What I hand you today will match your new level of responsibility and the care you have for the things of My Kingdom. I will never waste the gifts and talents of a willing vessel.

I am bringing you to a new level and understanding that business as usually just got a face lift. Expect increased gifts and anointing. Expect as you step out by My leading that I will surprise you beyond your wildest dreams. Get your mind off temporary troubles, and see yourself in the near future fully walking in what I have been preparing you for. Keep your Eyes on the Prize!

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