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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 7, 2019

The Father says, Many of My People are in the final moments of their spiritual pregnancy. What you are about to birth and bring forth will be more than you have realized. The impact of what I placed inside your spirit will carry on for generations long after you have ceased your working. There is an assignment from the enemy designed to distract you with the intent of causing an abortion of this seed within you. See with your spiritual eyes the root behind others actions and words in this hour.

Many have been carrying this dream well beyond a normal term and season. Understand that what I am doing in and through you is unique and nothing that you have known before. More time was needed, and nothing is out of order in what you have been going through. There are those who have not understood and forsaken you at your most vulnerable moments. You have experienced great pain for what you carry. People you thought you could rely on, simply let you down over and over.

Even those that should have seen My Hand over your life, did not recognize the fullness of what I have called you to do in these next few seasons. You have been called names and hated for My Namesake. You were told you were out of My Will, but this is a lie. I will answer all those that came against you. I will set the records straight. Keep walking forward.

I say to you My Love and My Desire, Lift up your praises to Me this very day. For the dancing and celebrating is about to begin. I will make you forget the pains of this last season. I will wipe from your memory all that causes your joy to lower. For you My Child have gone through the fire and have been protected by My Power. All of the preparations have been completed. It is time for you to reap the rewards that I have set aside just for you. For My Beloved, I Am so very proud of you. I will replace those tears with a smile that will never fade.

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