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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 24, 2018

The Father says, I am sending a new anointing this hour. The Anointing of Bravery! My people have been pushed back and persecuted far enough. Fear of the unknown will no longer grip your heart and mind. You will walk fearless, after all, what can man do against you when I Am with you!

A fresh new boldness will fall upon you. New territories will you desire to tread upon. No one will need to convince you to take action, for you will already be running after the cause. You will even question yourself, ‘who is this person I have become?’ Know that Change for the Good will happen as My People trample on the things that used to cause them fear.

Hear the Thunder in the Distance, as My Chosen stand up, with no shame or condemnation. You are mighty warriors of the Lord Most High. Take back the Land I have given you! What used to slip out so easily through your fingers will now be placed back into your hands. Those who have scorned you are losing their traction. It is time to say ‘Enough is Enough!’ For people far and wide will shout out in unison under the movement of My Spirit.

It took decades of losing ground to be where you are currently inhabiting, but I say to you, in a mere moment of time, you will gain it all back and then some. I desire for My people to learn to never give up an inch of what I have given you again! Do not take for granted your freedom for if you become distracted, the enemy will steal once again. Ask Me to remove your gloom and doom mindset. It has no purpose in My Kingdom!

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