• MaryEllen McCloud

December 20, 2018

The Father says, Can these dry bones live? I say to you today, that many have gone asleep in their spiritual walk and growth. They have turned away from My teachings, and walk among you as friends to this world. But NOW, I declare that they will come alive again and walk upright and righteous for My Namesake.

I am calling home the wanders from the desert. I am calling to Me those who became dissatisfied with religion, for I will show them My Glory. You will see what I intended My People to look and act like. For it is time for all to throw away their religious idols. Do not continue talking like a Pharisee for this is not the image of My Son.

Many speak hate in My Name. Do you not know that this displeases Me? You have been with Me since the beginning of all things. For from the very foundations of the world, you considered all, your brothers and sisters. So why would you speak hate to those I have called you to love? Do you think the darkness in your own heart is somehow better than theirs?

I Am the One who washes clean all iniquity. I Am the One who died for all. The Love of Jesus is what will transform a person. No one can save themselves from eternal separation and hell. I see you equal with your brother and sister. I do not have favorites in My Kingdom. I have commanded you to Love and let the Light of Christ shine in and through you. Be a people about relationships that Honor Me in everything you do and say. For I Am a God all about relationships!