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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 12, 2018

The Father says, The Dove of Peace has been released over your life. I am removing the days of rising conflicts and giving you understanding in all matters. There is a new level of unity that I am bringing into order before you. People who could not see the truth, will now walk in an increase of knowledge direct from My Throne room.

I am finishing up matters and closing down areas where you were once busy. Be at ease to take these moments of rest and down time. I am renewing your strength and resolve before you pick up the next. I am setting people of value in front of your path. Some will have nothing to give you in return, while others bring favor from My Hand alone. Be open to both levels of change in your life.

I have spoken increase in season and out of season for the harvest is overflowing with My Goodness. I will give you what you could not do for yourself. My Glory is established out of My Love for you and nothing to be earned. I am for you so rise up and choose not to live in the tombs of yesterday. My Healing Balm is yours for the taking.

Those that rose weapons against you will beg for peace. Be One with Me to see above the hour to embrace the changes near and far. You are My Temple which I choose to dwell in. I am bringing Kingdom mindedness to your actions. Where you once would have avoided the challenges, now you will run to My refreshing winds of change.

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