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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 11, 2018

The Father says, I am sending the lonely to a new tribe, One that is trustworthy and loyal to the core. Will you be a people that takes in the solo warrior wounded from years of fighting alone? Will you be My People who are about your Father’s business to those that are hurting?

Watch as I pour out a blessing upon you that overflows in depth and double portion to those that embrace the new over them. You are My Light. Do not let your salt lose flavor. Look beyond your own gain and be the one who takes another out of the pit of despair. You can give what you do not have because I am the source of all that you need. Reach far and wide, for I have no boundaries.

Set your sails for the open ocean for we are going to where you will be in demand. Watch as I use you even in the little moments to accomplish amazing exploits. You are Mine, and I know your greatest potential. You have no limits even when you think of all that could be. Release the outcome to Me. I know the way.

Rest in the journey for I will carry you when required. I will provide all that you could ask for above what you can imagine. Be a yielded vessel and soar above every obstacle and adversity. We cannot fail! What you thought was your ceiling is about to be your floor. Step out into the unknown. You have what is for this hour. My Glory surrounds you always!

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